Got fired from my job today.

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by PaulB, 18 May 2010.

  1. PaulB

    PaulB Guru


    I did work in a pet shop but got caught with my hand in the trill.
  2. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    Is this your coat? :smile:
  3. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    That'll also be your taxi just pulling up.....
  4. Helly79

    Helly79 New Member

    Thats as bad as two budgies sitting on a perch one said to the other do you smell fish
  5. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

    Hope you succeed in finding another job...
  6. Brains

    Brains Guru

    The Day Job has given up on him !
  7. Hey,Greedo gets a post pulled just 'cause he was messing around with a dead celeb,yet you can post awful jokes like that :smile:
  8. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
    If all this is giving you a headache take a tablet, get one quick though before the parrots eat them all
  9. TVC

    TVC Guest

    At my local pet shop budgies cost £25, but the owner is willing to put their cages on the top shelf if you want them on higher perches.
  10. levad

    levad Senior Member

    I also got fired from my job in the Beauty Salon, they said my position was untannable :smile:
  11. Mark_Robson

    Mark_Robson Senior Member

    I used to work with animals when I worked for the carnival. They sacked me as well but I fought the case and won. The tribunal ruled that it was funfair dismissal. :smile:
  12. You'll be up before the beak tomorrow Paul...
  13. TVC

    TVC Guest

    I gave up my job as a lift attendant, there were too many ups and downs.
  14. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
    I got laid off from the card shop when it folded
  15. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

    I used to be a postman...
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