Got hit by a car just now


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Litterally 20 minutes ago I was involved in a collision with a car. I'm reviewing the footage now and will be uploading it. I'm still in a bit of shock but thankfully I'm still walking and talking.

I'll post the vid soon and hope to get your opinions on it.


Thank you for all the kind comments. Its my first collision (hopefully the last). The video is currently uploading and looks like its gonna take about an hour. I'll give you a quick run down on what happened.

I'm approaching a painted round about and need to take the 2nd exit. Theres no cars approaching from the right so I decide to keep my momentum and carry on. I look to the left and spot a couple of cars which are stationary.
I get on the roundabout and proceed with some caution as we all know motorists are unpredictable. The car in question then decides to pull out while im half way over. I'm already commited but manage to squeeze the breaks. Unfortunatly theres not enough time to stop and I go straight into the side of the motorists car and end up on my arse.

For some reason I didnt lose my rag. I've lost my temper to much less before. I took the motorists name, contact number and registration number. She seemed genuine and concerned and offered me a lift home. I checked my bike over infront of her and pointed out that my saddles now ripped but should be ok. My back wheel seems a little buckled aswell. I tried my best to deal with the situtation but was in shock and I'm sure you lot will point out any mistakes I made and things I should of done better :blush:

My left elbow is cut and really bruised and my bum is very sore. Thankfully I manged to slow down enough to not get seriously injured.


heres the vid, oh yeh and ignore the timestamp cant figure out how to get rid of it on my md80

this is the new link excuse the quality its still proccessing

I cut out the ending which is just me taking her details and car reg.


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I'm glad that you survived relatively intact.
When your feeling ok a little more detail would be good.


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I know how you feel, last year I got left hooked by a taxi driver and went straight into his passenger door. Badly bruised arm and knee, shock and a written off front wheel.

Did you get his reg? Hope you are ok.


I hope the car has a huge dent in it that will cost the motorist £100's

It's not the car's fault, it's the monkey telling it what to do. But yes, hope the motorist endures some inconvenience for their carelessness.


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I too hope you're ok!


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Ouch! Your account reads like a text book "what to do in event of a collision with a moton". Only question I have is did you get any witnesses? And report to police. Lucky you weren't seriously injured. Did she make any admissions of liability for your head cam?

Hope you make a speedy recovery.


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Your file has been uploaded. We are now processing the video...

Its been stuck on 85% proccessed for ages

Taking ages :evil:

I didnt get any witnesses, nobody stopped to even ask if i was ok. A motorbiker stopped tho to kindly inform me that my waterbottle was still in the road.
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