Grand Tour of the UK coastline

Im a young passionate cyclist who has got it into his head to travel around the coastal paths of Britain starting in Kings Lynn and heading north hopefully to J. O'G then down etc. Lands end then up and around. Ive done fairly long distance jaunts before up to 65 miles but really I would most appreciate advice about everything really. Wisdom is needed so thanks and thanks again


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Nr Cambridge

What a wonderful coastline the UK is and to travel around it on a bike - great. Be prepared for a few short steep hills eg North Devon coast and wind lots of it.


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I am doing this myself, in short bursts when work allows. I have avoided the busy roads myself, which adds a fair bit of time but makes for a much more enjoyable trip in my view. I have cycled from Southampton around to Lowestoft so far, hoping to make it to Newcastle in early July.

As for tips, I would say never rely on ferries working, but if you get somewhere and there is no ferry, don't just cycle 50 miles around the river, hang around and ask someone with boat for a lift. Worked for me twice so far.

If you are camping I would recommend joining the Cravan and Camping club as they charge about £6 per night for cycle campers on their main sites, and have quite a few Certified sites which are small but handy members only places. You don't get the late night music types on their sites either, which is nice, unless you are a late night music type in which case please don't join :wacko:

I hope you have a great trip!


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Tour of the UK coastline - check this out (2)

I should mention that he did about 4,500 miles in total, at an average of 225 miles a week (that's 45 miles a day if you cycle five days a week and rest for two).

Have you got 5 months to spare??
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