Had a crash this morning


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There is nothing wrong with caliper brakes, even older single pivot. You just need to adjust properly. I'd say discs can be problematic if you aren't careful with oil, WD40 etc, get that near the discs....
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My guess is that they were probably just about impinging on the rims at the start if the descent then popped past under hard pressure half way down leading to total failure.

The pads are now worn very unevenly as a result of the poor set up.

You need new pads and to set up the brakes properly. The park tool guides posted up thread will show you the way.

These kind of jobs are much, much easier if you invest in a work stand, even a dirt cheap one.

[Edit: that looks like the front wheel? Make sure you do the rear too! ]


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Here's a screen grab at 1:25,000 of the junction. Shows it better thatn the 1:50,000 used above.
Anyone else think that bend is rideable at 16mph?
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Yes if you turn left from right hand side of road or turn right from left hand side of road to reduce angle in wet. But I guess the op was panicking with white knuckle syndrome at this point.

I notice there is wide gate just to right of crash. If that was open I’d have aimed for that and the gravel beyond. A friend did that years ago when they failed to slow enough in the Lake District.


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Glad you’re okay, how did the wall come off :smile:


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Once adjusted, always pull the brake levers and check the blocks connect with the braking surface correctly. Make sure levers aren’t touching or close to bars when you pull with moderate force. Someone mentioned a park tools video so don’t forget to look at that.

I can also recommend the Zinn Art of Bike Maintenance books. Had the mtn bike one for years and it is great for handling with oily fingers without worrying about it.


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Isn't there some eye fixation phenomenon that stops you turning corners and go straight on?
When I was learning to ride a motorcycle, instructor always told us, "look where you intend to go, not at the obstacle". She (Instructor) always said this was something to do with centre of gravity. I have no idea why, but, it did work.

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Maybe this is the problem!!

I do agree to a certain extent with the LFC guy, I had been having issues and I wasn’t 100% but still I didn’t bother to go over them in great detail, just a tweak....and then took on a fairly slopey road....so yes I need to sharpen up, it’s not going to put me off for sure. I love it and doing it in Perthsogre

Also, I would disagree with his assumptions on being a lockdown cyclist. I was a runner but foot injuries forced me onto the pedals and coincidentally this happened as lockdown started (actually my mate suggested we do a Dualathlon which we both signed up for in Jan) so I had to get a bike!

I’m not one of the full families that rocked up to Halfords and ordered the cheapest bikes for all family members. I like to think I did it properly, hence one of the reasons I signed up to this forum - I’ve gathered so much info on my way to being a noob.
At least you managed to learn what could have been a very expensive lesson without too much damage. You will probably remember to check brakes more regularly in future. Bike maintenance is always worth spending time on.

And don't worry about the odd negative/dismissive comment you get about your bike or your riding. Those people are in a very small minority and you soon learn to ignore them. Most people like to help.


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Glad you are ok, those are pretty badly set up brakes.

As an aside, am I the only one who hates when self righteous types dive on a thread and take every detail to the N'th degree to make out that a poster is a liar, or a fraud, or is just simply wrong, but they are right and you better know it !

Folk with no life in my opinion who would do better to stay away from the internet.

They guy made a mistake, and exaggerated cause he nearly shoot a brick crashing his bike.
Hardly worth giving him a hard time over eh?


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Cheers guys, sound advice, I think its high time I booked the vehicle in for a full MOT and service before my next outing, they can also supply and fit new brakes, plus anything else they pick up.

Learn the harsh way. The fact is, having been slightly unsure in my mind, I should have done some pre-work on them and checked them thoroughly.
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