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Does anyone know how to remove hair from car seats and car carpets? My tyson struggles to do it. My wife's car is full of it and we dont have a dog!


Sticky tape or parcel tape wrapped around your hand, then just pat the fabric. BTW sticky side out works best.


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Have you got the turbo brush attachment for the Dyson. We've got an old DC 07 animal, that picks up any hairs.

Tape is often the best option. I assume this is a new to you car and hairs were present before. Had this once when I inherited a company car. Took some work to get rid of the dog hair.
We've got two Springers and a Dyson and the best thing we have found for loosening hair from car seats and carpets is using an old flip flop or something similar. Drag the sole across the hairy bits and the hair will drag out easily.
A lump of rough pumice stone works as well.
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