Happy Birthday Greta!


✊🏻✊🏾 🌈 😷
And all she wants apart from all of us to stop farking up the planet is a new set of bike lights.

I'll buy her the lights, you lot sort out the environment thing. Deal?


Obviously an Aubergine
Her message is great.

Sadly, one doesn't need to dig too deep to find that she's as guilty as the rest of us.
And the point is ??

That its very difficult not to be as 'guilty' as the rest of a society you happen to find yourself born into .

Hence the need for systemic change in energy use, waste management, transport, food production etc etc -
Change which has been systemically resisted by vested interest - oil companies etc.

But Greta, has reinvigorated interest and spurred on fresh action.

Some of us (many of us in fact) have been struggling away with all of this for literally decades - making changes - campaigning - living working and thinking differently -

All the while with folks like yourself sneering - making jibes - and saying we're being over dramatic - "Stop making a fuss - stop being over dramatic" about pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss etc etc.

Whilst dumbly pointing to the fact that we own a car - or wear leather shoes - or don't live in a cave or whatever - as if thats relevant.

Well its coming home to roost isn't it - more people are finally waking up to all this -

Maybe - just maybe - we can retrieve something like a reasonably livable planet for future generations - but we are going to have to move quickly.

Climate change is here already - Greta has just been rather more insistent about pointing that out - good for her .


Obviously an Aubergine
This is why right wingers get away with so much. They have no morals to live up to.
it’s almost impossible to be taken seriously as a green campaigner without living in sack cloth and riding a donkey.

Plus she still looks about 12.
must be all that 'virtue signalling'

I was accused of looking like a fifteen year old the other day :laugh:
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