1. simon the viking

    Cr@@py birthday to me

    WARNING GRAPHIC INJURY DESCRIPTION. Sorry to be so negative.. but I turned 51 today and spent half the day in A and E after slicing through two fingers at work with a Stanley knife... One of the bosses took me down and another picked me 4 hours later when I said I was coming back in a taxi...
  2. johnnyb47

    Enjoying my 50th birthday with lots of bike goodies bought me

    Hi. Well I've finally hit the half a century mark today minus a few teeth and hair along the way. It's been a nice day with a trip to see my dad over at the coast were he lives, and enjoying some good company tonight from my ex inlaws. I've been like a big kid tonight messing around with all the...
  3. Zipp2001

    Birthday Ride !

    Today was my Birthday, Woohoo ! So took the day off from work and decided to skip the road bike and roll out on the trails instead. Weather started off a little chilly for me (I Love Heat) so I had on the leg and arm warmers and rolled out a tad over 5 hours playing in the woods. View...
  4. BalkanExpress

    Birthday Blues

    So, I took a day off for my birthday and the weather is filthy:cursing: Oh well, as I am stuck indoors I decided to get on with a build I should have sorted out a while ago. Needs a bit of tidying up, and fine tuning, (everything sort of works) but I am quite happy:hyper: The whole bike by...
  5. C R

    Happy birthday periodic table

    This year marks the 150 anniversary of Mendeleev's work, which eventually became what we now know as the periodic table
  6. smokeysmoo

    Happy Birthday Biggsy

    Have a great day @biggs682 :birthday::cheers:
  7. craigwend

    Happy Birthday @Soltydog

    Happy Birthday @Soltydog ... hope you have a great one Obviously I'm too much of gent to reveal your age, but hope you enjoy the music at the end ;)
  8. Pat "5mph"

    Happy birthday @Rickshaw Phil!

    Wishing you a day filled with sunshine, cake, traffic free miles. May the wind always be behind you, may your rides be plentiful in the coming year. Happy birthday @Rickshaw Phil! :birthday: :cheers: :hungry: :bicycle:
  9. roadrash

    birthday T shirt

    My granddaughter gave me a new T shirt for my birthday this morning...… .. .. I have the worlds best granddaughter ^_^
  10. Blue Hills

    Happy birthday to the bear

    Couldn't resist. Had to.
  11. Banjo

    "Its not your birthday" Evans voucher.

    Got a ten quid voucher from Evans. No minimum spend . Bought a topeak torque wrench with mine plus a bit extra. Take care as it cant be used for certain brands so read the small print. Couldn't get mine to work online but was an excuse for a ride into Cardiff Evans store. Anyone else treat...
  12. DCLane

    18th birthday suggestions for a boy - HELP!

    I'm hunting for ideas for 18th birthday suggestions. My eldest isn't into bikes, doesn't want to drive, has few hobbies apart from chess, archery and the cinema. Oh, and Minecraft. The challenge is he isn't into the latest clothes, partying, etc. He spends virtually nothing and we're stuck for...
  13. gom

    CTC Birthday Rides

    Very sad to see a return to Yarnfield this year, easily my (& many others’) least favourite of the last several years. Don’t know quite why but local cycling was really quite boring & Cannock Chase, sold as a high point, had loads of traffic. Don’t know how much interest the BRs are to this...
  14. U

    Hoppy Birthday Hopless!

  15. Hill Wimp

    Happy Birthday @fab foodie

    Happy birthday:smooch:
  16. biggs682

    Happy Birthday to Pat 5mph

    Happy birthday to @Pat "5mph" and best wishes to you
  17. U

    Happy birthday Dayvo

  18. U

    Happy Birthday Shane

    Blimey Shane McGowan actually made it to 60 :ohmy: Apparently he has been found not breathing twice, been run over twice, had more drugs than Boots the chemist but now has new teeth and fresh lease of life.......and long may it continue :okay:
  19. smokeysmoo

    Happy Birthday biggs682

    @biggs682 Happy Birthday mucker :birthday:
  20. U

    Happy birthday Potsy

  21. Sunny Portrush

    Birthday Money......

    ......currently burning a hole in my pocket (about £500). Now, what should I invest it in? Main bike is an Argon 18 Krypton so what upgrades should I be looking at? New wheels - currently Fulcrum Racing Sport New tyres - currently Continental 4000 S II Upgrade from Shimano 105? Now, I`m not...
  22. U

    Happy birthday Pale Rider

  23. Hill Wimp

    Happy Birthday Summerdays

    Have a great day @summerdays :birthday::cheers:
  24. perplexed

    Happy Birthday Finland...

    Congratulations to Finland, 100 years old today... I'd love to do a Scandinavia tour one day - probably watched too many 'noir' dramas, but the Scandinavian countries look like fascinating, brooding places...
  25. U

    Happy Birthday GrumpyGregry!

  26. ianrauk

    Happy Birthday Shaun

    Happy Birthday to Cycle Chat's very own founder @Shaun Thanks for bringing us all together Boss. I'll raise a glass to ya tonight.
  27. L

    Happy Birthday @ Accy Cyclist.....

    Yeah happy birthday me old mate @Accy cyclist :birthday:best wishes.
  28. Katherine

    Happy Birthday to @PeteXXX

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :birthday::cheers:
  29. smokeysmoo

    Happy Birthday Skud

    All the best to you @skudupnorth for your annual cake-a-thon ^_^ :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:
  30. U

    Happy Birthday Regulator

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