Have you had any cycling accidents if yes what happened?


Can I swap the question for something more cheerful. You've already reminded me of when my bike was nicked. I don't want to be reminded of my many accidents, even if one included a ride in a helicopter.


A driver didn't stop at a give way coming out a supermarket car park and clipped my back wheel knocking me off.

Got up , took a picture of her car number plate , the cycled to A&E to have my arm stitched up.
Reported it to the police the same day.
Contacted Cycle Law Scotland .

Driver admitted liability. Police took no action.
After around 5 months I received a compensation payment.

Excellent service from Cycle Law Scotland.


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Not for a long time.

I've been doored, knackered the rear derailleur;

Over a car bonnet when the car took me out on a roundabout, buckled the back wheel;

Hit by a car who reversed onto the road and then drove straight into me (not on purpose (I hope!)), I stayed upright but they bent the seat stays and wrote the bike off.

Not so much as a scratch on me on all three, the dooring was the scary one as I slid down the road just waiting for a car to go over me, thankfully nothing did.

I've had a few offs not involving cars. Hit tree roots coming through the path which resulted in having my elbow stitched up, which I was surprised at as I thought it was a scratch, luckily our lass insisted I went to A&E.

I know someone who hit a gate across the road, I thought he was dead, he got up with a cut on his head and his bike was fine. @13 rider might remember the details more clearly than me :rolleyes:
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I came off earlier today :rolleyes:, had to change direction to avoid a cyclist coming way too fast towards me, front wheel just slipped from under me on wet brick. On the deck before I even knew what was happening :unsure:
Following friend almost slipped too but she somehow managed to get her foot down.
Surface akin to black ice :eek:

The most major incident, driver passed too close, Wong mirror caught handlebar. 3 operations (to infected leg and shoulder) , several years of rehab. Injury claim took over 4 years to settle through British Cycling membership

Have had a bunch of others, next most serious about 10 years ago led to a what is now a permanently knackered knee that’ll need replacing within the next 10 years :sad:


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I've slid down the road a few times thanks to ice. I've got studded tyres now.

I've ridden into a tree (caught my pedal, stayed up but smashed rear axle washers), a stump (front wheel, bike over sideways, I jumped clear) and a car back bumper (lights went green, I went, it didn't - no damage).

In terms of cars and non accidents, I've had one right cross connect (glancing blow from wing mirror, smashed shifter) but that's it. Only near misses otherwise. I'm fairly paranoid and good at emergency turns, which has avoided at least two T-bones over the decades.


2016; Loss control on a bend, suspected puncture, and stayed on bike as it hit a wall resulting in a front wheel buckled beyond repair. Despite still being sat on the saddle an overhanging tree branch made sure I got a broken collarbone. Dragged myself and the bike home, had a bite to eat and then on the bus to A&E. The following week was TdY so I heard number of broken collarbone stories; the highlight being the lady on a indoor trainer in the kitchen when the bike broke free. Wheel replaced thanks to a cheap find on eBay and the "unwanted" 10 speed rear that came with the replacement front is now in use with a 11 speed Shimano 11-34 cassette which oddly fits 10 speed hubs.
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Driver opened door on and and (just) caught me enough to send me skidding into street. Two police officers were passing so the driver fessed up straightaway that it was her fault. Her insurance, via mine, paid for damage to the bike and my jacket. I also got a small payment as compensation for injury (just cuts and bruises).


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loads when i was a kid, mostly due to me pretending i was a stuntman. In later life I've had handful of minor offs all due to me going a little too fast around corners. None involving cars... so in over 40 years of cycling... no, not really.


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Many years ago I was on my way to work on a Monday and I stopped at a red light on Melton Rd, 2 cars came racing along and one ran straight into the back of me as I was stopped with my left foot on the kerb. I was knocked out and someone called an Ambulance and the Police also turned up.Apparently the car that hit me simply reversed and then drove off but CCTV allowed the Police to find it and interview the registered owner.
The accident occurred at 10:30 pm (on my way to start a nightshift at 11:00pm) and at the time I was a bit of a drinker and someone said to the copper "he smells of drink" (yep I was hungover after the weekend) it transpired that the 'registered owner' claimed I'd "just fallen over" although I doubt she was driving the car (young Muslim lad driving the car on his Mum's insurance I think)

To add insult to injury (permanent non-union fracture to my left collarbone) I then got charged with cycling under the influence and fined £40, the copper had twisted the things I'd said to him so going to court would have involved calling him a liar so it was easiest to just plead guilty by post as I had no way to argue against an "Officer of the law's" opinion on this matter but when I came across the guy a couple of years later (at a 'Ride Leicester' event) and he jokingly said " I hope you've not been drinking today" I replied " How does it feel to know you've had your pants pulled down, been spanked and failed to find the real driver of that car that ran into me" he muttered something and then couldn't even look me in the eye, (I think he knew he'd been lied to) :cursing:
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