Have you had any cycling accidents if yes what happened?


You're a statistical anomaly then.

Almost everyone has fallen off a bike at some point. Well done to you if you never have.


I had the usual spills as a child, a couple in my late teens, then nothing for about 40 years. Then in the last 15 years, quite a few and a few broke bones. None I would put down to poor bike handling. Some bad road conditions, black ice and one down to a motorist not seeing me.


Set off for work, got to the first roundabout turning right out of my village onto the main Guildford road. Driver waiting at roundabout on opposite side to my entry point set off as I was directly in front of him. His car hit my rear wheel, I was thrown through the air and landed on my back, knocked out. When my body hit the road, my head kept going and hit the tarmac hard. This resulted in shockwaves which travelled around my skull and converged at the front, damaging the frontal lobes of my brain. I was flown to St Georges hospital, put in an induced coma, and had an emergency craniotomy (my brain had started to swell). Some of the damaged frontal lobes were removed. After about a week my family were called in for a meeting, and were told my chances of survival were very slim, they were going to keep trying to revive me over the weekend but after that, it would be switch off time. The days following, I began to show signs of life. My head tracked a nurse walking around my bed, and when a nurse held my hand I clasped back, they realised I was coming out of the coma. Ten days after being admitted, I came round, with no recollection of what had happened to put me in there. The first thing I noticed was a large crater on the right side of my head, where a chunk of my skull had been removed.

I was in hospital for about seven weeks, after which I spent three weeks with family to recouperate and in case there were any bad side effects from the severe head injury. There were no side effects, so I went home and back to work part time at the beginning of August. I was back in hospital over the bank holiday to have a cranioplasty (a titanium plate put in to replace the missing skull). After that, it was a case of periodic check-ups, and a trip to my doctors to have the staples in my head taken out.

The driver was traumatised by what he had done (so I'm led to believe), he admitted to careless driving, so I didn't have to attend court. He got six points on his license, a few hundred quid fine, and court costs. With the help of a very good solicitor, I received a six figure sum almost exactly a year later.

I had to notify the DVLA about my head injury (I didn't have a car at the time), and eventually went to a place in Carshalton to be tested that I was still fit to drive, which I was.

I was fortunate to not have any traumatic flash backs of the incident, which was probably because I have no mental record of the impact.

It is now not possible to enter that roundabout from that direction from my village, it has been re-engineered to serve three roads, not four.
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