Have you had any cycling accidents if yes what happened?


Headbutted a dry stone wall at about 40mph coming down a Welsh mountain. There's some interesting information relating to the position and extent of my injuries, and the position and extent of the damage to the headgear I was wearing at the time but it was thirty years ago and honestly I can't be bothered.


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Some sobering accounts on here :sad:

Since I've been cycling "properly" (say 20yrs and probably about 10k miles), thankfully nowt too regular or serious:

- Years ago piled into the side of a car that turned left across me while I was in the cycle lane. Sustained significant bruising to RHS, bike ended up with new shifters and rims after I pursued the driver through a no-win no-fee cycle accident specialist, and I ended up with a couple of grand in personal injury compensation (not that I'd initially set out to claim this).

- Last week smacked the side of a car of some dozy old cow who overtook me on a blind LH bend, then cut infront of me and braked - thankfully only light brusing to right arm, no damage to bike but no retribution against the driver either.

- A couple of years ago ran into the back of a car in slow traffic as I was on the phone and not paying attention... clearly entirely my fault :rolleyes:

- Years ago slid over on a wet, busy mini-roundabout; signalling right and the bike just went left from under me :sad:

I've had a couple of very low speed offs when I've been pished as a newt too :blush:

I like to think I'm doing alright because I ride defensively and don't trust anyone - that said I could just have been lucky to this point...
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Lots of offs over the years both on and off road. Worse one was a big over the bars on the mtb on a techy rocky downhill. Ended up with lots of cuts bruises and a shattered sternum. Probably the most painful recovery I have been through. Felt like I had been shot the first time I sneezed.


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Inside my skull

I was setting off on my morning paper round. Riding no handed showing off to a fellow paperboy. Still on pavement at this point as only just got going from paper shop. I turned round talking to him whilst riding. Not looking where I was going. A car was sticking out of its drive, across the pavement. I hit the side of the car, flew over the bonnet diving like a premier league footballer. Picked myself up, and bike, and carried on to do paper round.

Nothing since.


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Most recent for me was about 18 months ago. Looked behind for traffic as I was about to change lanes and went into a huge pothole that I hadn't spotted. On a Brompton at the time and was literally flipped over the handlebars to the not well hidden amusement of the people waiting at a nearby bus stop. Nothing broken, but very sore.


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3 rider chain gang damp roads, I'm at the back, front rider peels and rolls past me and settles back in. Maybe 10 secs later, front rider inexplicably loses front wheel and goes down - I hit his lower back and learn to fly as we were holding about 28mph.

Landed on my left shoulder and back of my head but bounced back up pretty much onto my feet, rolled on a few miles for a brew and limped home. Go into work next day and don't manage to stay very long, A&E was calling as I'd lost 90% of the use of my left arm.

Nothing broken thankfully (although a broken bone would have healed quicker) but the muscular damage ended up impinging the ulnar nerve which to this day 7rs on still gives me occasional parasthesia.. Aided beautifully when I broke my hand 3yrs ago 💩

My head however :hyper: My helmet split down the middle, 3 weeks later on a sportive my HR peaked at 204 just as I blacked out and fell over into a hedge. Turns out I was heavily concussed
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Riding back from a hill climb comp. Zooming along, bunch of about 20 club mates. Came to a junction .. we where headed straight on when Mick, just to my right ...
Turned left ... !
Skittled the bunch ...
I woke up the next morning in RAF Hulavington hospital with concussion ...
But no hard feelings .. Stuff happens .....:smile:
Yes, loads some on the road most on the dirt. Most recent serious one, summer last year, was an OTB on a small drop which caused a type 2 ac joint separation. Last weekend I lost it in a off camber corner and scratched me knee. I think the question needs to be more specific.
Scottish ambulance chaser, I reckon, Steve. She'll be asking about the effectiveness of locks and just how pissed off people were when they discovered their (beloved) bike was stolen.
I'm just starting to worry that the OP will start a 3rd "Have you ever had xxx and if so what happened" thread. :rolleyes:


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Too many, but since I stopped racing many years ago I have had far less, although I have had a few almost serious MTB crashes in recent years. Worst racing crash was coming down in a school boy circuit race, out cold, woke up in the ambulance, then passed out again, was out for several hours, only time I've ever spent a night in hospital. Most interesting crash was coming down in a Devil during a Reading track league race, about 7 of us left, I still claim I wasn't the last over the line, but I was the only one on my ar$e.
I've also had several collisions with cars, one was in a Crit on non closed roads, it was a head on with a learner driver, and my fault, still have a few scars from that one, although after having lots of X-rays, and bits of glass removed, I wasn't too badly hurt, and they let me leave the hospital that day. Three collisions with cars that were the fault of the drivers, but looking back, the young indestructible eejit I was at the time, I didn't exactly do the right thing to avoid those accidents.
I did have very close shave with a car last week, it really was a bit of dumbness by me, and only thanks to the driver reacting quickly enough did I get away with my arm just brushing the side of the car, and nothing more serious, not even a bruise, not sure why I was such a numpty on that occasion, it's been a long time since I could blame it on young stupidity.


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Two weeks ago, new (to me) bike with toeclips, first ride round the garden. Put feet in toeclips (haven't had actual toeclips for years, but you don't forget, do you, ha ha) and pedalled off. Trying to negotiate an uphill section on gravel between two plantpots ... went over on right side. Remembered about my feet half-way down. No damage, except to pride.

My worst was back in the 80s, when I commuted through Hull every morning. Holderness road, rush hour traffic, huge roadworks making road narrow, big trench to my left, protected by nothing but orange tape. Car overtook me then had to squeeze me out because of oncoming cars. Left drop bar* hooked into the tape and flipped me over the bike and I landed on my back in the trench. Winded, but no injury. I caught up with the driver 100m down the road at some lights. We had words, but she had obviously made a silly mistake, admitted it, and we parted on good terms.

Before that, lost the ebike on an icy surface early one winter morning 5 years ago. Gave council workmen a good laugh to start their day.

I've been pretty lucky, really.

*This was the original Carlton Corsair, per my thread in Vantage and Classic Bikes. Just so you know.
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