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Discussion in 'Helmet Discussions' started by DaddyPaddey, 2 Oct 2017.

  1. You'd be in good company.


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  2. Randombiker9

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    No it's not compulsory the only places. I know it's compusruy is Australia, New Zealend and some US states.
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    Not always true as lots of people in my college group that cycle do not wear helmets. I've seen only 2 people wear helmets. I'm British but from Holland and still wear a helmet no matter how long I cycle for out. However my dad who lives in Netherlands only wears helmet on his road bike if he's just casualy cycling he doesn't. But always makes my half brother (who's 4yrs ) wear one when he's on his balance bike or tricycle.
  4. Currently, under a law implemented in 2004 but reportedly seldom enforced, cyclists in Spain have to wear helmets while riding in non-urban areas unless the weather is too hot or they are going uphill. A law that required all cyclists to wear a helmet at all times would presumably be more strictly enforced.

    Just got back from Mallorca where all roadies I saw (except one Brit) were wearing helmets. Most of the locals, riding in the cycle lanes, weren't wearing helmets. My mate's got a place in Spain where he cycles regularly. He says he's heard of cyclists being given on the spot fines (€8) but they've usually been stopped for something else.
  5. Randombiker9

    Randombiker9 Well-Known Member

    Are u sure this is true as I used to live in Spain and helmets were only required by law for power assisted bikes e.g electric bikes and professional cyclists.
  6. Randombiker9

    Randombiker9 Well-Known Member

    Sorry got confused above I’ve lived in Netherlands Singapore Spain and now England. Your right with Spain I was getting confused by Singapore where it’s only required if you ride a power assisted bicycle
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