How do you clean your waterbottles when on holiday?


In a (hopefully) hot country for a week**.
Not bothered about the bottle I use purely for water but the 2nd one I will add sports powder/tablets to.
Staying in a hotel and have a kettle. I am thinking boiling water around the mouth piece and maybe some tablets that people soak dentures in.......leave that in overnight.
Will that work or is there a more simple way?
** not been on a cycling holiday for 55 years and I dont recall re-usable bottles back then ^_^

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When you go out to a pub or restaurant, give the bottle to the staff to rinse in their glass wash.
Or, like you said, rinse with boiling water from the kettle, that should do it.


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If the bottle melts at 100 degrees C I'd be wary of using it as a bottle!


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In all seriousness, why would you need to clean your bottles? A quick flush with hot tap water then leave the bottle upside-down to drain then leave it upright in a warm place to dry, is all it needs. The worst thing is to leave it wet, which will allow mould to grow especially if it's had carbs or sugars inside it.
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