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What time do you lot go to bed?
Very much depends on how hot it is inside and thus how easily Baby Roadrider400 falls asleep.
If getting up at the usual 5:15am (on ride days) then I aim to be asleep by 10:30pm latest. Saturday just gone I probably didnt fall asleep until 11pm though.
I only ride once a week at the moment, aside from the short commute on my hybrid so one day with a shorter nights sleep isnt a big deal, and can always find 30 minutes for a powernap in the afternoon if really needed.
Knowing I am off for a long summers morning bike ride means getting out of bed is really easy, then one coffee and im fine.


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Another point: Earlier is cooler, and no faffing with suncream.

Actually two reasons I enjoy the long evenings this time of year.


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Earlier the better for me. I like to get out just as dawn is breaking. Like others on here, I can then get back for the life / chores stuff. I was up at 4:00 yesterday, but that was to go fishing :-) Generally for work I'm up at 5:00 so my body clock is set for an early start.


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Quite often, so early that it's the previous night…
Generally, I try and get going on a long ride between 8 and 9. But many, many earlier starts- if I've got to get a train at 5am, for example, to get to a ride start. Have been on the road before six to avoid (or try and avoid) heat and, on one occasion, thunderstorms. I still got rather wet, but it was so hot I dried out again :smile:
Most of my mates go out pretty early so they can still spend some of their day with the family. We tend to go out at 7.30am, occasionally a bit earlier if a long one is planned. It also helps that it tends to be light at that time all year round and not often icy.
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6.30-7AM can be good on a weekend summer morning if a hot day. I'll stay out for a couple of hours then go home before it gets too hot out. If I don't get out early, then I ride in the evening after teatime before it gets dark when the sun isn't too strong. I avoid riding late mornings or afternoons unless the day is cool and not too sunny, in which case I will ride at any time of day. My aim is to stay cool and avoid getting sunburn. The peace and quiet and lack of traffic early in the morning is a bonus.
Good morning,

The better days are;

Go to the pub at 12:00

Get home, 16:00

Have dinner and go to sleep by 17:00

Wake up at 02:00

Leave house and Ride for an hour in the dark 02:30 (700 lumens headlight)

Hit fox, hare, badger, grouse or partridge because they try and outsprint me rather than just move to the left of right 03:30.

Go out in the daylight for the next few days until I forget how annoying falling off is.


Usually up by 4:30 on work days, on off days I can be out and going at 6, if I'm on a ride, but I don't see anything much below 95F, or 35C, as being hot enough to vary usual afternoon ride schedule. Dependent on dewpoint, of course.
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