How I Broke My Ankle...


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Actaually, that's a lie. I still don't know how I managed to break it.

What I do know that I was going at a fair clip down a road which takes a sharp left hand turn onto Wolverhampton Road. Customary practice is to brake about half way down and take the corner at 10-ish mph. Except this time my front wheel was having none of it and just slide out from underneath me. I had time to think "Oh arse biscuits!"[1] and then me and bike were doing this comedy roll down the road. Sadly, Adrian, there's no CCTV around so a youyube clip is unlikely. Sorry!

Of course, since it was only a short trip to the shops I hadn't bothered wearing mitts. Way to go Andrew, why don't you shoot yourself in the foot while you're at it? Except... except... my left foot won't bear much weight and I'm sure that bone never used to poke out just like that. Oh bollocks!

A woman driving behind me had seen my dismount and stopped to see if I was okay. Seeing me hobble off the road using the bike as a crutch (tbh I wasn't at all interested in how the bike was, though it doesn't seem to even be scratched. It was protected by this handy human crumple zone though) she asked if I wanted an ambulance. Yes please!!

A neighbour had also seen it and helped me into her house to wait for the ambulance. All I had to do now was watch my ankle swell. What can I say? The kindness of these two people was incredible. It's something that really does restore your faith in humanity.

The ambulance whisked me off to hospital, and after the usual wait and umpteen x-rays - I've now got a season ticket to the QE x-ray department! - they told me the bad news. I'vev broken my fibula, right at the ankle. Oh, and a finger. Looks like I'll be off the bike for a few weeks. Sigh. And all for a bone that isn't even weight bearing. Aaargh!

[1] Representative expletive only, actual one may have been stronger.


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Ouch... sorry to hear about this Andrew. Fingers crossed for a swift recovery. And see you back on a FNR sooner rather then later.


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Oh. Get well soon mate.

As for the tips asked for in the other thread, tuck and roll. Always tuck and roll. (although experience at Emsworth suggests this approach may affect the rib area, you can still cycle with a busted rib)


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OH MY!!!! McW, am shocked, youre a great cyclist too and not one ive seen to take risks so this is a big shock. If it was the spider that had got you ild be fine but this, oh dear.

Am sure you will mend up just fine, but you are going to be greatly missed in the mean time. Take care buddy!


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Ouch get well soon


So-o-o annoying !

GWS - at least there's the TdF to watch ... for now ... then the Olympics ...

Hmm - are you sure this wasn't a carefully contrived way of having a 'summer of sport on the couch' ?

errrm - in it's non-double-entendre meaning ?

[Sorry - can't post smilies, otherwise it would be clearer !]


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Hope you get well soon m8.
the problem i face if i come off my bike and need x-rays is that i will undoubtedly come face to face with my wife (a radiologist) and she will have many words to say to me regarding my cycling lol.
also kewl shots of my bones.
well done on breaking the fib btw! did they give you any indication of what kind of break?
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