How many bikes do you have??

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I have recently sold a singlespeed and a MTB so I'm down to two. It wont last though, I already thinking about what to get next.!! :blush:

Is it possible to have one bike??


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If it is, don't tell my wife !!

I have 3 at the moment, De Rosa summer / best bike, Kinesis winter / wet bike, Planet X crosser. Trying to think of a reason to buy a nice steel frame, apart from that I just want one

Amanda P

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My name's Phil, and.... I'm building a fixie.

(Applause here).

There's also my trusty Galaxy (new in 1988. Frame and brakes now the only original components). My 'bent. My recently refurbished steel-frame hard-tail Marin. A Brompton, although that's really a sort of household-cum-guest bike, not exclusively mine.

So that's three and a half, and one on the way.


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Two and a bit.

Betty, a 2004 Dawes Horizon.
Poppy, a Pearson Audax.
Half a tandem.

Am thinking about purchasing a singlespeed (fixed isn't my cup of tea) as am about to move somewhere with a very flat commute....

slow down

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Just sold my old MTB so down to five - Kuota Khama, Bianchi Via Nirone, Ribble 531c, Raleigh 531c Fixed, and a Cannondale F700 MTB. There's always room for another bike :blush:


Hi My names Lee - I live just outside 'de pool man arite :biggrin:

:thumbsup: :laugh: :laugh:

Nah seriously;

I've 2 sort of Ive, my Dads on loan (an MTB kind of bike which is quite interesting a back rack and sit up high kind of riding position... plus a settee of a saddle :blush:

...and my Raleigh Airlite 300 2006 model - a black panther of a beast :rolleyes:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Currently have 6 bikes, 3 roadies, 2MTB's and A Thorn Brevet light tourer. They are spread over three countries though but it means I can get a ride in the places a visit the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am trying to keep it to three but the planet x carbon is slowly dragging me over the edge (sound of fingernails scraping)


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Keith - 6 !!!!!! I find it hard enough looking after 1. :rolleyes:

Sevenstar - I looked and your bike pics. I like the specialised. Might go for one of those next time. Looks very shiny. Any tips on keeping it like that or was this a sneeky pic before you ever rode it ?
And what's with the tall bike ? Are the barrels to stop you falling off. I've never seen anything like it. Tell me more.

I have a Bianchi Roadbike, a Claude Butler Mtb and a Unicycle that I will get round to mastering one day. I'm moving next week to a house with a much bigger garage......there'll be room for many more....... :blush:



Cheers the bike wasn,t new but I had spent an hour tarting it up.

My tip for cleaning is buy some muck off, realise you have just paid 7 quid for some soap, :blush: use the contents and refill it with tesco value car shampoo and water 30/70 works lovely and the value car shampoo is about 50p for enough to fill the muc off squirter half a dozen times.!!!
Its a bit bling due to wiping it over with some autoglm after the wash.

I can t claim the last bike was mine , Its a amphibious bike I thought might be useful last month :rolleyes: , there are a few more similar things here,


6 bikes - it took me 1-2 hours to clean the dam bike prior to a ride so, 6 ! :blush:

Still - still got a punc. on ride but of the slow made it back thankfully as I forgot to put the pump back on the bike :rolleyes:
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