How much would you spend on a new bike ?

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If you'd just won £ millions on the lottery , what's the most you'd be prepared to spend on a new bike ?

For me I reckon my limit would be £2,500, anything over that would be just a waste of money, I'd sooner spend it on something else.


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Couldn't imagine spending more than £1k
I'm looking to spend £1k to £1200 this year. If I won a million it would be the same as my needs and abilities aren't going to change.
The lottery would be used to fulfil the 3 'H's: Home, Health, Holidays.


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As mentioned I probably wouldn't spend a stupid amount on something gold plated HOWEVER I would have a large number- couple of road bikes depending on my mood (ultralightweight, tt/ aero, sportive, few retro ones), some MTB to get dirty, brompton to throw in the back of my jag.
Total value of that lot would be loads but probably only a few grand on each.


I'd commission a hand-built steel road bike, a hand-built steel 'do anything' tourer-type-thing with 26 wheels, and I'd probably spend £1,000 or so on a hardtail MTB (because I'd use that one least)

I'd spend more on a van to fit them, my family, their bikes and 'stuff' in and take my daughter out of school for a year and potter off adventuirng arounf Europe.
11 grand would be my limit for a road bike, 2.5 grand for a hybrid, and about 10 grand for a TT / Tri. I've never really got on with MTB's, so my limit would be about 150 quid.
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