How often do you change the SPD cleats on your shoes?


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Never, shoes fall apart long before the cleats!
Chewed up is fine if they still clip in and out no bother


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I've bought two sets of SPD pedals (complete with cleats) in the last eleven years, and four pairs of SPD shoes in the same time. I've only chucked one pair of worn out cleats. They last quite a long time.


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I've taken SPD cleats off knackered shoes and put them onto new shoes before.. They take immense abuse however, the yellow/red/blue/grey parts of SPDSL cleats are sacrificial and get dumped much more frequently


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I use spd for off road riding. I bet like me, you have a spare pair of cleats kicking around.... No idea why I need them though.
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Well Just changed my SPD cleats after 8 years They won't really worn out and still clipped in ok but didn't seem as tight as when first fitted. Though can't say the say the same of the Time espresso cleats that come with the Time SPL SL carbon pedals, as into to my third pair after only two seasons 4000 miles and that without undue walking on them?


I've definitely worn out the pair currently on my [spd] winter boots. (The bike-fitter I visited in December found them hilariously bad - he took pictures!) They still "work", but it's now comically easy to pull out without even twisting.

Thinking back, I've probably moved cleats from knackered summer shoes onto new ones. I think my boots are more durable, and the cleats probably have a harder life in winter. I know I've bought replacements before, but several/many years ago ...
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