How often do you change your car?


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I used to change mine every 3 years max but I have had my present car for 4 years now and will be quite happy to keep it a lot longer. This one was bought new and has always been driven with great care so hoping all mechanical parts will last . My only concern are the electronics, how long will they last as they are not cheap to replace.
More often than I change my pants.
Not very often............

I bought my Octavia estate ('11' plate, 1.6Tdi) in March 2012, when it was about 7months old @ 6,000 miles

Still got it, @ 136,000 miles
No plans to change it, except maybe for another Octavia (maybe a Scout 2.0 Tdi/6-speed)

It's had the usual 'wear & tear' items (1)
Cheap to insure, & VED is £30/year
I can get 65MPG running about locally
Re-mapped a while ago (insurance declared)

Its usual colour
(rear tyres are clean, at moment, as new pair last month)
KN11 RPZ. Grubby. 12.JPG

A useful increase, the torque is noticeable, for joining m-ways. etc.....
KN11 RPZ. Remap,.JPG

15 plus years ! We buy nearly new and keep them for as long as they are reliable, being Japanese mean's a long time !
My mother had a Vauxhall Corsa (1st shape), she essentially drove it off the showroom floor, in 1997 ('R plated) & only sold it in late 2017/early 2018 (can't remember which?)

1. Still on original clutch & exhaust (but a new clutch master cylinder)
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Mines wearing the same set of clothes it had on when I bought it.


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I always used to change my cars around every 3 yrs and always losing a fortune in depreciation. But i think i'm going to keep my current car, Focus Estate, for as long as poss as i dont do the mileage these days and its one of the last £20 p/y VED.
There isn't really anything about it i dont like, its cheap to run, so far reliable, and its big enough to use as a workhorse for carrying large items.
When it finally has to go, i quite like the idea of being free from car ownership.


As rarely as possible.
(having owned lots of old bangers in the 70's and 80's)
I'm now on my 4th car since 1988

Unfortunately the perfectly good, current 2009 built car will have to be replaced this year as it's diesel.
The ULEZ is moving out to cover our home, so I have to either buy a diesel made after 2014, or an old petrol car.


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I used to change my car pretty much every couple of months (benefits or curse of a Car Dealer father). Then after about 12 years of this I bought a car of my my choice and kept it for 9 years and still regret selling it. I only sold it because I needed a bigger family car. Now I lease and in November will be attempting to be car free.


Cars have always been my one weakness, I do like a nice car despite only putting around 5 or 6k a year on it. I too have always changed every 3 years starting from brand new but the last couple of cars have been quite expensive so I've kept them for 4. I shouldn't have bought the car I have now, but it is a thing of beauty and a joy to drive but not very environmentally friendly and I've been wrestling with what to do with it for a while now as it will be 4 ome August. That was until I heard Jaguar are stopping production to switch to electric motors and hope to have an electric version of all their models by 2020. I think I'll be at the head of the que when they come out.

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Tend to run them into the ground and then change. Have recently changed a Mercedes R Class after 8 years (it was 3 years old when when we bought it) and 130,000 miles. One of the driveshafts was making an unhealthy noise so it was worth selling before having to replace. Now got a shiny 3 year old GLA which will be hopefully in the family for many years.
The only short term car I have owned was an Alfa GT - bought it new, ran it for 2 years and was then diagnosed with Epilepsy so could not drive. The wife never liked driving it we we had to sell it, a very sad day.
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