How often do you need rescuing?

How often do you need to be rescued from a mechanical on average?

  • once in every 100 miles

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • once in every 1,000 miles

    Votes: 2 2.1%
  • once in every 10,000 miles

    Votes: 14 14.4%
  • once in every 100,000 miles

    Votes: 19 19.6%
  • less often or never been rescued

    Votes: 61 62.9%

  • Total voters


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Recessed 2 bolt SPDs. Best of both worlds.
That’s what I’ve got but still wouldn’t fancy walking more than a mile in them.


Twice in 10k miles, once because a tubeless tyre wouldn't reseal and I couldnt get the valve off to stick a tube in, and once following a major club ride collision where I fractured my leg and tore all my knee and ankle ligaments.


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That’s what I’ve got but still wouldn’t fancy walking more than a mile in them.
I wander around in my Bontrager cycling shoes without giving them a second thought. They do make a clicky noise on hard surfaces but that's all. But they are "multi-sport" shoes, they aren't hard soled cycling shoes which makes a difference. My hard soled Northwave boots are - I agree - much clumpier to walk in.

Last year I walked about 3 or 4 miles in my Bontrager shoes, half carrying my wrecked bike (had to hold the front wheel off the ground), while probably/possibly concussed. Feet were the least of my worries. Unfortunately I don't get my badge of self sufficiency because I was walking to a railway station.


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NE England
Twice for me.
First time in 'The Great Profanity Incident' on a wet night in Darlington, when I broke two tyre levers, skinned all my knuckles and taught several onlooking urchins some new and 'interesting' words!
The cause? A Marathon+ punctured on a broken bottle that eventually came off the rim at home with the aid of a very large metal motorcycle tyre lever and wire cutters, with, sadly, even more profanity.
The second was caused by a broken seat frame on my Kettwiesel trike, rendering it unrideable.
This persuaded me to join the ETA who recover cycles, and recumbent trikes.


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A friend of mine had to be rescued by minicab from a Fridays' ride. He punctured and despite the best efforts of the Fridays Tail End Charlies no one could get the tyre back onto the rim. I wasn't there at the time, I was with the rest of the ride, getting cold waiting for him. I've also seen a split rim on a Fridays ride - on the descent into Brighton from Ditchling Beacon. I don't know what they did. Walked probably. Or rolled slowly and carefully. I think it may have been a tandem.
It's exceedingly rare that I need rescuing; maybe 3 times in the 11 years I've been cycling.

The most recent incident was on my way to work about a month ago. I got a puncture & discovered my pump was knackered to the point of not working so I called my wife & git a lift into work rather than walk the remaining 3 miles & be late.

If the puncture had happened on the commute home I would have walked home.


fortunately ... never :smile:


Thankfully I've never been stuck in which a lift home was needed. I've had the odd roadside puncture to condend with, and went through a spell of spokes snapping mid ride which involved a gentle ride back home. Touch wood this year will be the same with no major mishaps. I also take my phone though when out cycling (just in case)


Over the years, I've called for help for a few truly busted wheels and following a couple of crashes/incidents. The latter mainly because I didnt want to be alone feeling crap more than anything.

The most memorable one was shifting the chain into the spokes, properly totalled the wheel. Chap drove past into the next village and then 5 mins later came back saying he'd mentioned seeing me to his wife and saying he had to come back and offer some help.

Note all were pre-covid!


I didn't really need rescued but after the football , I came out to find a flat tyre and a pump that wouldn't work.
Decided to walk to the train station but after a mile I just stopped a black taxi and got in the back with my bike.
Home in 15 minutes for less than £15.
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