I just had 'that' chat with my wife...

You know the one, once started there's no backing out of and you know life will not be the same again.

Everything that has happened between you is brought up and used as ammunition. You need your wits about you as you'll not know how it will go and you must think on your feet and fast....

"So, honey, how big a TV can we get?"


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I would get the biggest i could get on the wall.


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I hate watching TV when I am at my sisters, 50+ inches it must be. Make me genuinely feel queasy the furthest away from it you can get is 10ft

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Lol! We have a couple of 32" TVs. When the last one came up for replacement I was tempted to 'upgrade' to a 37" but Mrs Skol was the voice of reason (as usual :rolleyes:) and insisted we stuck at 32". To be honest I am really glad she did because it is more than big enough for our needs and any more would look out of place.


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[QUOTE 3448137, member: 259"]Won't it look pretty rubbish from that sort of distance?[/QUOTE]

It looks absolutely rubbish, but as it was £1600 I do not think I should tell them.

Now in my family room, it maybe could work, but I sure ain't buying one.
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