If it looks too good to be true...


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So I was on eBay earlier looking at helmets. Suddenly I see something, a Giant helmet with no bids, and just a minute left. With no time to waste I place the bid in the nick of time and boom I've won. What a steal I thought, I can't believe nobody else has bid on it. So I go back to the listing have a closer look at what I'd won and see the second picture and oh whoops, they've only printed the logo the wrong way round on one side, and believe it or not it's coming from china :smile:


You yllis tawt

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Surely it's just a negative image?


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You got a bargain because the digital photo has been inadvertently 'flipped', and you didn't notice. All the other potential bidders probably thought it was a rip off made in some foreign sweatshop.
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