if you had to choose one activity....

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....to stay fit, which would it be.

Now being as we're on a cycling forum, I can probably guess the answer but over the years I really have found no better sport than cycling for preparing me for other activities which include skiing, racket sports, walking and to some extent running.

Now there is no substitute for a sport other than the sport itself but cycling gives me a good level of Cardio-Vascular fitness, good endurance and uses a lot of the muscle groups for skiing and walking/running and because you use you arms and upper body when sprinting climbing etc you even get some benefit for racket sports.

I can't think of any other activity I've done which gives me the overall tone of cycling.

So if you had to choose one which would you choose....?


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Hmmmmmmmm, tough one.

No, actually its not,......................it'd be cycling :biggrin:
Once I would have said cross-country skiing.
But now, cycling; it's not just a means of getting/staying fit and healthy, it's a way of life, a method of travelling, a sporting pursuit/hobby, and, mostly for me, total escapism - if only for a few hours/days/weeks. But I hope to build up to months, in the nearish future. :biggrin:


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If we're just talking pure fitness I'd have to go for rowing as you need strength, power, endurance, core stability and flexibility (i.e. pretty much everything), and not just in your legs either.

However, as a pastime cycling's loads better. You get the joy of hills for starters, and the choice of where you go isn't as limited as 'upstream or downstream'! I don't think I'll be going back!


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Round the clock or 501?
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