Indian Pacific Wheel Race

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    There's a 160km between them still. Sarah hammond is coming under threat for third place with Kai Edel slowly closing the gap. Meanwhile at the back, Juliana Buhring is no longer last having passed Paul Ardill and Christie Hamilton. The latter having bent her wheel in a bike stand when her bike was blown over and is still trying to repair it
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    Think you mean Sarah Hammond for third place.

    Where are you picking up the extra information from? E.G. The latter having bent her wheel in a bike stand when her bike was blown over and is still trying to repair it
  3. Crackle

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    I do. Edited

    Click on the rider and then click on rider profile. A lot of them have Instagram/Facebook/webpages
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    Finish is marked at 5401 so leader has 215km to go .How long do you reckon 20 km an hour 12 hours or quicker could be done by early morning
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    I would imagine it would be quite exciting when they start the big desent from Mount Murray, should be able to see the sea and may be smell it, it will be quite a moment.

    It looks from the wind map both Tim and Kristoff will have a good tail wind for their coastal run into Sydney.
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    lost somewhere
    Frank is on the road again.
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    Brexit Boomtown
    James Hayden has launched a Just Giving campaign to collect money for Mike's family:
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    I think some friends are cycling with Mike to Wales tonight, I thought there was going to be a tracker. Anyone know where to see it?
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  11. What a lovely gesture.

    If that does not work you can get the link on thTranscontinental Race page on Facebook.

    I must admit that it is strange watching Mikes dot moving again. I watched it stop in Australia.
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  13. theclaud

    theclaud It's teeceegawnmaaaad

    Me too. Thanks for the link.
  14. Shut Up Legs

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    A new video documenting the race. I haven't watched it yet, but will on the weekend, perhaps.

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    West London
    I've just watched it now.
    Quite a good film, but still very sad.
    Good interviews with Pat and Anna, and also several with Kristof.

    EDIT And of course, with Mike, who was always interesting to listen to but, somehow, I blotted those out immediately afterwards, probably because a bit too painful.
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