Ironman in 2016

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Tin Pot

Well done!

Mrs SG completed her first IRONMAN yesterday. A problem with her cycle shoes meant her feet were already painfull and bistered prior to the run, which became more of a (painful) walk as a result.

She's signing up for next year to try and better her time :wacko:
Congrats to her. I feel a sense of comradeship with anyone who has done it. It's not a 5k fun run, that's for sure.

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The run is more mental than physical for me. I can run at 6mph or walk at 4. As long as I run some of the time I know I can hit 6 hrs


My IM was Austria ... I came in in 13:27 (I think) as 1h20 - 25ish swim, 7h (+ a minute or two) bike, 4h30ish marathon...
And @fimm

I'm not a great runner but with a half Mara time of 2:04, and half iron run of 2:14(?) I was thinking call it 2:20, double it, 4:40 and add a bit...5hrs.

So I dismount in front of dozens of people and my knees nearly gave way but found them to get into T2. Coming out you go straight into a hill, so walking already, then as it flattened out I started getting spotty vision so time to back off already. Eventually got around the first loop of 9 or 10 miles...There were hundreds of people walking past me, behind me, ahead of me - it was quite funny really.

If you're thinking of doing it, think long and hard. And if you decide to commit to it, make sure that recovery, nutrition and training are the most important things in you life. It's worth it.
That run experience sounds grim. I don't know if I could have forced myself to finish if I had experienced something similar. Hence the respect.
I can't see myself ever committing the amount of training time needed to do another iron distance race.
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