Is it an age thing!


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Yes, in the 1980's the club ride usually included a few miles of rough stuff, great fun, and something I haven't done for years.
Yes always an interesting bit of the ride, so much so that today my rides consist of 2 CX and 2 MTBs I often take in tracks when out on a road ride on the CX.


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fossyant said:
Try a 'different' part of cycling
I did this - sort of. I got a recumbent. Now I have two. And no diamond-frames any more. Early this century I was getting really pissed off with the discomfort. I have owned my old recumbent for 15 years. I used to commute in East London on it until the new one assumed that role. I still sometimes do a 30 miler. Had I not discovered these weird contraptions I would have entirely given up the long rides.

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I like my recumbent, as well. I've got one of the old Bike-E's, a truly nice version with the air shock at the rear and the single chainwheel.( some had two BB's, and chainwheels). It works a whole different set of muscles while cycling. I mostly use mine on the trails, but I have 38 miles of trails around where I live.


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Like @Aravis I think there can be a lot to be said for web based ride logging such as Strava. It doesn't have to be all about segments and speed and sport oriented stuff.

I use RideWithGPS rather than Strava, but the principle is the same. All my rides are set to private, I upload some photos and it's nice to have a record to be able to browse through.


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Either walking or riding the Navajo prayer comes to mind a lot...
Behind me there is beauty
Before me there is beauty
Beauty is below
And beauty is above
I go in beauty
The beauty I see is the austere beauty of high deserts, the Rocky Mountains and the riverine bosques my bike path winds through. All I know of the beauty of the UK is from a month in Ireland (maybe not a British Isle politically) and tv shows, and, of course pictures from bike forums. Sure does look pretty, though. I do think I've never been anywhere that wouldn't be beautiful in its own way if nobody lived there.

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Over the years I have fallen "out of love" with cycling for a while several times, and then came back to it. Usually due to something else in my life that was getting me down or taking up too much of my energy.

Luckily cycling is not compulsory. There are other good things in life.

I got by perfectly well without cycling at all for 35 years after the age of 25 and didn't miss it at all. When the time was right I started again.


I've always been a "pleasure commuter", never fancied the Strava or Sportive side of things. Just a bloke with a bike as you say!.

I have been down the rabbit hole with a couple of cars though, all out for drag racing to the point they are undrivable in normal traffic, my GTO went to the MOT garage and back one year I hated it that much!.

Managed to bring it back round this year so hopefully I'll be a bloke with a car again!.

Only reason I didn't break it for parts this year is because my son wants to go to some car meets in it. Again not for me but if he enjoys it it's a worthy cause.

I'd just tootle about for a bit in "normal" clothes with "normal" pedals and see how you get on, would be a shame to give up completely..


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I ride to ease the stresses of the day. Sometimes Lycra, last night in jeans.
I ride because I like cake and I can’t run properly any longer.
I am going to learn to row properly this year. I will probably ride to the rowing club. It’s only 3 miles so not worth taking the car.
I do Strava as I like to know how far I ride over a year. Not to virtually complete. My bike is my freedom and I no longer feel that I have to ride. A bit of self awareness has happened this year.


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'Just a bloke with a bike'

Thats me that is, although its a few bikes. Sometimes i ride a lot and sometimes i go weeks without riding. I dont own any lycra and never will do and i rarely wear a helmet. I ride wearing fleeces, jeans and hiking boots when its cold and t shirt, shorts & trainers when its warm. No interest in speed or having to do big miles. I wont own or ride BSO's, but neither do i buy expensive bikes, entry level bikes or low cost used bikes suit me fine.
I like the fact that once i've bought a bike, the ongoing costs are so minimal its insignificant...... whereas my motorcycles & car cost me a lot of money even when i'm not using them.
Bicycles are just something thats enjoyable to use when it suits me, and they're just another one of my means of personal transport.
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