Jobs you keep putting off for another day


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When we moved house back in 1999, my Aunt Betty gave us some money to get ourselves a house-warming present and we settled on a palm tree from a local garden centre. Back then it was only small and we brought it home between my wife's feet in the front of a Honda Accord. The idea was to create some kind of area to relax under the palm tree. Even then I had thoughts of lazing away my retirement under a palm tree.. Since then, from time to time as the tree grew, I have thought about building a raised patio, putting in decking, getting a bench .... various ideas that I never got around to doing. Having just got around to clearing away shrubs and weeds, painting all my fences and moving various plants to better locations, I have finally got my arse into gear.

With my 60th birthday coming up, I've bought myself a retirement present ... a quarter tree bench to go under the tree. Knowing that it was due to be delivered soon got me going, and I finally got around to making the most of this corner of the garden. Two days of hard work, and a few quid spent on weed control cloth, slate chippings and bendy edging blocks, and I'm rather pleased with the result. Just don't tell anyone it took me 21 years to finish the job!


Anyone else care to own up to any procrastination on anything like this scale?
Of course, the tree will be blown over in next weeks storm now..... It's just the way things work.


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Can't claim anything that I've put off quite that long. Took about five years to get around to re-fitting the utility room.

Bear in mind that procrastination means you always have something to look forward to tomorrow


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That's a nice bench!

When I moved into this house in 1992 my dad started wiring a light into the loft. He went off to check some details of the wiring... I have seen him since but he never finished that wiring. Subsequently I should've known better than to involve him when there was a problem with the lighting in the garage...


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washing up, vacuuming, dusting, putting the clean folded laundry back in the drawers... they are jobs I always put off for another day, and not being allowed visitors doesn't help as I don't have that frantic tidy round when a visit is imminent.

In 2001, a friend and workmate gave me a plank of hardwood on which I'd burn her house name. In 2002 I moved back down to Lancaster and we lost touch soon after. A couple of months ago I found the part-made plaque in my dad's garage...


...and after numerous attempts over the years, I finally found her on FB and proudly showed her how her plaque's coming along.

At the average rate of six years and four months per letter, it should only take another forty-four years (and four months).

Good job I'm only fifty-one and a half :okay:
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We were given a rowan tree sapling about 3 feet high which I planted in the top garden. It is now gigantic but nobody will cut it down as it is very bad luck to cut down a rowan. I keep meaning to try trimming it back but never get round to it. At the top of my garden is an oak tree we grew from an acorn which used to bother a neighbour as a branch overhung his garden. He died and the branch is still there.


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Fencing, I bought 9 concrete posts and 8 barge boards about 15yrs ago, I got 7 in and the six panels in between then the neighbour died and the new couple put up a fence inside their whole own garden as apparently the Wife wanted the fencing to be 'all the same' not the 3 different fences that were there.
Still got the other 2 posts leant at the back of the house. :laugh:
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