Know any good regional/national expressions?


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A friend in New Zealand just responded to my Facebook Happy Birthday with 'Just got home from dinner and I'm as full as a fat boys sock.'


Are there any expressions you & yours use that wouldn't be used by people elsewhere?


"Time to blow the froth off a cold one?" - An Aussie mate enquiring if it was time to have a beer.

His other favourite was "Jeez, look at the mounds on that" in reference to well endowed young ladies.

John the Monkey

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Apparently, the literal translation of "Stop annoying me!" in colloquial Armenian is "Stop Ironing my Head!"

Another nice one featuring monkeys "Even monkeys fall from trees" (meaning that even an expert can be wrong) from Japanese.


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'Six and two threes'... I hear this (occasionally) in Newcastle/Northumberland, where I myself would probably say 'half a dozen of one, half a dozen of the other'. (Admittedly this is not an everyday occurrence, but you get my point, I hope).


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Not an expression as such, but a word....Nesh, meaning to feel the cold.
"He's nesh". From south west midlands, Gloucs, Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas.

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Near Newmarket
One from the crazy world of Norfolk bird watching- "if you see a rook on its own it's a crow and if you see a group of crows they're rooks'. Silly but quite accurate!
Another one from these parts - "it's raining over Will's mother's", meaning it's raining over there but not here. No one can remember who Will or his mother were though.
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