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Just avoid anything with sea urchin, utterly disgusting! The way those things look should be a clue that their innards are not fit for human consumption!


Japanese cuisine in the main is healthy, tasty and probably the best balance in term of sweet and savoury. It means that you will not over indulge to overcompensate the imbalance in taste. Explains why the Japanese are not overweight (except for sumo wrestlers) and enjoy longevity.

Not keen on raw stuff but love their ramen, sushi and Teppanyaki which is the best. Teppanyaki is food cooked over hot girdle by the chef in front of you.
Japanese food is incredibly tasty and mostly very healthy. It's often quite pricey due to how time consuming it is to prepare and the skill involved in proper preparation.

I don't expect northerners to understand this.


There is still hope for chips, gravy and mushy peas brigade. I was the same until the someone brought a group of us to a teppanyaki joint. There was a lot of apprehension from the lot. An hour later everyone had a broad smile with no exceptions.

I am no expert but happy to provide any suggestions on food choices of those who want to try something new. I can guarantee that you will walk with no after-taste, no burps, still light on the tummy but satisfied.
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