last ride?


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How long ago since you had a ride? Three weeks for me and although I miss it, I find myself being lazy to go for another as the cold weather makes me lethargic. Just got new cycling shoes yesterday, red one, so should be a good incentive to go out. Hopefully tomorrow will give me a chance as it should be dry. Watch this space.


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yesterday... and out tomorrow.
Even the crappy weather doesn't make me lethargic. Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones.
Cannae remember the date of the last time I was out, but the last "proper ride" was the same day that England played their opening game in the football World Cup. I got home, had a shower, grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down just as the game started. Since then I have been out for 3 (maybe 4) rides, the last one being in August I think, ands none more than 15 miles.


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This afternoon and given the forecast,tomorrow looks promising.Whilst I will inevitably know the results,I will have two rugby matches to watch on Monday,the good weather was just too tempting!


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Today and tomorrow. Not had a chance for a couple of weeks before today though. The first full week I've not ridden since August so I've done ok really with some of the weather we've had.


November... Snow fell, and hasn't stopped. And we moved, and my bikes are at the old place. :sad: Till Spring, then I ride.
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