Leaving a bike locked in London


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What other precautions do some of you do when leaving your bike locked up in london.
My son who works in London is going to start commuting when he starts work after lockdown
He has a good D lock with extension cable to loop round wheels and frame and we have changed the seat clamp from QR to allen key I have also looped a strip of metal through the seat rails and attached it onto the pannier rack so tools required to remove seat
Any other ideas ?


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Where in London?

I’d use 2 D locks if leaving on street, take seatpost and saddle. Insurance.

Park in high traffic area and make sure it’s moved after 7pm

Shabby bike

Better still, secure workplace parking!
Or a folder under desk


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If I have to lock it outside (rare) I take my shabbiest bike and look for something expensive to park next to. I use 2 D locks and the saddle is separately locked to the frame.


Ride a £20 hack bike and don't stress about bike theft. No need to throw money down the drain on insurance then either. Use a shabby old saddle patched up with duct tape. No QR parts. No nice shiny expensive parts. Works for me in some very dodgy locations. I don't bother with D locks. A good one would cost more than the bike I want to lock with it. £20 bike, £10 chain & lock. Job done.
I'd use two D locks, though the one locking the front wheel can be a lighter one (I use one I got in a decathlon sale for less than £4).
Extension cables are pretty useless I reckon - my low security lock for the front is way easier to carry and more secure.
Use a very good one on the back.
Use a smooth running bike that doesn't look like too much.
High traffic area.
Lock to a row of racks where there are lots of other pickings for thieves.
Very definitely do not leave overnight.
Even if the bike's still there in the morning some of its bits might not be.
I've never had a bike nicked in 25 years of london riding.
There are plenty of flashier alternative pickings for thieves in London - though they very probably ride no better than my self-builds.
I never locked my blue dale in London at all - nor would I leave my Hewitt.
In short, no need at all to use a flash bike.


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Another vote for riding a shag knacker, other cyclists will practically throw their bike onto yours, perhaps even some of their sweat kit too, not giving 2 fvcks about scratching your pride and joy :cursing:

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I have a Trek hybrid with the frame wrapped in electrical tape (it comes in 50mm width), a rusty basket on the back, purple pedals, a hi viz saddle and it also helps that i left it outdoors for a year so all the shiny bits are rusty or dull. But actually a good bike.


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I used a very heavy d lock when I took my road bike to work. Always a bit tense when returning to it, but it was (luckily) always there. Solved the problem by buying a Brompton and keeping it in the office during the day!
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