Leeds - Scarborough 7 September 2019

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Norven Mankey
Now that I've finally stopped eating after the Manchester- Llandudno ride it's time to start thinking about the next one

I was asked by several CCers in Llandudno if I would do this one again so here it is. I'll do all the usual routemap stuff later but basically it follows the same style as the Llandudno ride. Leave Leeds train station 9am, coffee/breakfast stop, lunch stop, fish and chips in Scarborough. Folk can either head home or they can stop over and have a gentle night out

It's a bit shorter than the Llandudno ride. Usually about 85 miles all in all. There is a flatter and hillier option but climbing is no more than the Llandudno ride. We finish with a ride down the promenade and round the castle in true Tour de Yorkshire fashion

As usual, no insurance etc required, wear what you like. Just have a serviceable bike and the means to navigate

A word to the wise: @Kestevan told me that the rail company are enforcing the "two bikes only per train" regulation and you have to book at least 24 hours in advance. So this may need a bit of planning if you're coming and plan to train home
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Puzzle game procrastinator!
I'm (probably) in!

I aim to do a similar thing to what I did on the Llandudno ride on Saturday - I'd start with you all in Leeds, ride as far as the Malton/Norton stop, then head back after the cafe.

My planned return route is via York to catch a train home from Garforth. I would have completed my imperial century by then (actually 164 km/102 miles) and it would mean that I could avoid having to ride back into Leeds, while not adding much to my rail fare.

I would have second thoughts about taking part though if there was a stonking SW wind like the one we got 2 or 3 years ago. That was brilliant for getting to Scarborough, but would have been a nightmare to have ridden back into from Malton!

If anybody else fancies taking part, but not going all the way to Scarborough, they'd be welcome to join me for my return leg.


Last of the Summer Winos
Yeah, stick me and Anita down as possibles....

All depends on when we have to ferry the eldest to university...and in his possible abscence the availability of childcare for the other one....

If we do make it, I'd look at dropping the car in Scarborough the day before so could possibly offer a couple of lifts back into Leeds on Sunday....
I am up for this.
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