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It's time to let wifey have a little break, she's probably earned it. Maybe she can do some of the other things she enjoys, like looking after the kids or cleaning the bathroom like she's always going on about. Yes, it's the first Thursday in November so it's national men make dinner day*. Let's get cooking, lads, and give the little lady some time off. Here's ten reasons to get involved.

*Not this nation, obvs. Same sex / non traditional couples, I'm afraid I have no idea how you're supposed to approach this.


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Just to pre-empt a load of men piling in and going on about how they sometimes make the dinner, what do you want, a farking medal?


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Don't people have servants for this kind of thing??

.. Signed JRM
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I'm a terrible cook. Anything more advanced than boiled eggs, toast, or heating a tin, I reach for the take away menu. Problem is, I learned to cook in the army where cooking consisted of everyone donating a sachet of MRE (meals rejected by ethiopians) and chucking it into a big pot of hot water. Beef and peach stew, anyone? Thing is, I quite liked it - reminded me of Vesta curries.

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@winjim, while I'm sure your post is (hopefully) mostly tongue-in-cheek, it is still insulting to both sides in a modern relationship and reveals a prehistoric attitude to women and equality. This is exactly the kind of shoot that has held back women's rights, pay and promotion prospects for too long.
It's not funny and even a chest thumping, macho neanderthal like me shares the daily responsibilities with my partner based on ability and workload rather than outdated views on gender roles. This kind of thing belongs in the dustbin of history along with racism and homophobia!
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