Missing cyclist from Witham essex


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Hello everyone,

This is a bit unorthodox but im at the end of my tether. A few years ago my farther Alex Hunt went missing, I've gone to the police and tried extensively to search for him on my own but I'm only one man, and I hoped someone here might have some information about Alex since he was spotted cycling nears Aylesford recently. Maybe you've cycled with him recently or anyone who matches his description.

He's about 5'8, Grey short hair, Well built for a man in his late 40's, Has a lazy eye (left eye) and a keen interest in martial arts. I've linked a gallery below with pictures of Alex and im offering a £100 reward for any information that results in finding Alex.

View: https://imgur.com/gallery/WkiWv

If you have any information at all please email me at Kieran_hunt@hotmail.co.uk We all miss him and just want to make sure he's ok.


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All the best @ConcernedSon - I do hope you find your dad.
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