Misunderstandings as a child...

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Dave 123, 11 Nov 2018.

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    First time walking in Wales with dad I remarked that lots of footpaths went to llwybr cyhoeddus
  2. Then i felt a bit better when i saw this!

    (Watch it on 2 mins 17 seconds),

    You see,it wasn't just me who thought it was 'tree in motion'!:smile:
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  3. Then there was the 'Babies are fed by angel's milk out of a bottle' i was told by my grandma.:shy: Then one day there i was sat with mum in my auntie's house when she just whipped out a tit and started to breast feed my cousin!!:ohmy: :eek: xx( I still have that image in my head 49 years later!:unsure:
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  4. Slioch

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    First time me and the missus drove to Germany we were on the autobahn and saw a sign saying "Ausfarht".
    200 miles later we were still seeing signs for "Ausfarht".
    It's a blooming big place this, this "Ausfarht" thought I. Funny I never heard of it before, and I'm normally quite good at geography.
    It was only after we had arrived at our German hosts and were discussing the journey that the penny finally dropped.........
  5. Drago

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    I though it was only possible to ride the Raleigh Commando while wearing no underpants.
  6. sheddy

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  7. YukonBoy

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    Tell me you did not have a Chopper
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  8. Drago

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    I did have a Chopper. Many a young filly had a ride on my crossbar. And on the bike too.
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  9. swee'pea99

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    Remember my dad telling me that for a long time he thought his favourite hymn was about a cross-eyed bear called Gladly.
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  10. Drago

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    I thought Zippy was a talking digestive biscuit.
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  11. Then there was the little plastic toy i had of what i thought was a cat with its kitten in its mouth. I'd play with that toy for hours and hours. Then one day i must've upset my older brother as he told me in no uncertain terms that it wasn't a kitten in its mouth, but a dead rat it'd just killed!!:eek: :unsure: :cry:
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    At some point in my very youngest days, I proudly came home & told my mum what a 1/4 of a moon was called ... a c*nt ...
    Well at least I got the letters in the right order, just not enough... I was told it was a very rude word and never say it again
    [I suspect some 'big boys' had given me some misinformation]
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  13. Drago

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    When imwas in the army imdsted a Welsh lass who taught me some phrases. Alas, they turned out not to be the innocent greetings that she'd led me to believe...
  14. Vantage

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    How this question came up I can't remember, but I was walking along with my eldest when she was about 7 and asked her if she was a human being. She very sternly said, "I'm NOT a human being! I'm a little girl!"
    I still chuckle at that.
    She also pronounced prehistoric beasts as "Disonours".
    It took me a few weeks to figure out the head of our year at secondary was actually named Mr Morley. Thanks to you English peoples inability to pronounce your R's, I thought he was called Mr Mawley! :P
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  15. alicat

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    Mum and I did a similar thing driving through Hamburg. "Why can't we find this place called "Elbbrücken" on the map?", we kept saying. Then one of us recalled that the river was the Elbe and the other that "brücken" meant bridges....:whistle:
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