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Oop North (ish)
I would hardly say that the engine in mine is a boat anchor... :whistle:
If it's an A series, with an under slung gearbox then that's the best use for it.
I'm feeling a bit carp today ! Wasn't too special last night, felt cold and shivery.
Something scared Schrodie last night. He came rushing into the living room looking round to make sure that whatever it was hadn't followed him ! He was so worried that it would get him that he sat up looking at the door with a very sad expression on his face .
He's alright this morning as he attacked me as I told him off for being on the work surface ! :ohmy:


Cycliste en formation
We have broadband.
Hooray! :bravo:

It’s about time they fixed it!


Grumblin at Garmin on the Granny Gear
Right, that's the conifer, ash tree and one of the bullaces cleared up this morning, along with various other bits of collateral damage and deadfall. All the small bits have been either dumped in the wood or shoved under the hedge, and anything bigger than 2 ins in diameter has been turned into logs.

Just need to liberate the wheelbarrow to deposit the ready to burn stuff in the garage and haul the green wood to the wood pile where it can season. Then I need to split a case of logs and stock up the wood bin in the house.
Do you cover your wood pile?
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