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Maybe one for another time. I'm staying on the Mid Hants with their Urie S15 #506 - have some sources sorted, just need to figure out the composition. Although that plan may change, as it's another one that really challenges my crap landscape painting skills.


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Hmm... I bought a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S2 last year. That set me back 20 notes.

I keep thinking about upgrading it, but then I hardly use it - as a phone or otherwise. Most of my internetting and communication is done via the laptop.
I basically never use it as a phone. That would mean I have to speak to people :ohmy:

I have got into the habit of using it as a camera as it is lighter to carry than my proper cameras and I do use it as a mobile computer quite a bit when out and about so I can check things if need be. On this little tour for example I was able to check for accommodation as I went along, check and confirm ferry times, check routes on Google maps, check the weather forecast etc.
I have just put our dustbin out. I hope that the parcel wrapped in cobweb wasn't a meal the spider was saving for later .


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Just about to have lunch, when my 93 year old neighbour comes and bangs on my door and accuses me of stealing his battery charger. Won't listen to anything I say and storms off telling me never to darken his door again. (I won't, he keeps a shotgun.)

Now I *do* have a battery charger. But it's one I bought in Screwfix just over a year and a half ago ago after my old one went tits up, and I still have the box, instructions and till receipt - including the slip for my bank card. I lent the charger to him last year when he couldn't get his mower started. Either he's under the impression that mine is his, or he does have one and simply can't find it...

I've known the guy for 35 years, and that's just left me totally flabbergasted, angry and betrayed. Did our friendship mean so little that he's willing to do that? I'd bought him some beers the other night meaning to drop them by later in the week. I've just poured them down the sink in a fit of pique.

He's normally a really rational chap that you can reason with, and this is well out of character for him.

I am soooooooooooo bloody cross. :angry:
Please don't be too harsh on him, he could be starting to experiencing dementia, or even something like a water infection affects the mind, especially older Gentlemen. Does he have any relatives who come to visit, might just be worth mentioning to them,
The battery I ordered for the electric pedal car I found thrown into a ditch a while ago should arrive today . My grandson likes playing in it but it is a bit tiring pushing him up the garden in it . It may still be a challenge to get it working but we thought that £17 including delivery wasn't much to spend on it in the chance of getting it working . I've tested the motors and they work, it's a question of whether the other electrics work . We will see later .
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