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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
Why does the Mundane thread disappear off my 'New Posts' notification, and why, when I search for it and use @Katherine as the 'by', does it not show up?? 🤔

BTW Black bin's bin emptied..
I'm just working on a picture that my daughter said that my grandson would like for his room .
It is a 1960 Cooper T53 and it is parked without a driver. She said that they would like a number on it as it hasn't one at the moment .
I've just drawn out the numbers 16, Jack Brabham.
As the car is static I now have to draw out some block tread patterns for the tyres, they weren't slicks . 3 tyres showing , 4 rows on the front and 5 on the rear . I may be some time ! :wacko:


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The battery I ordered for the electric pedal car I found thrown into a ditch a while ago should arrive today . My grandson likes playing in it but it is a bit tiring pushing him up the garden in it . It may still be a challenge to get it working but we thought that £17 including delivery wasn't much to spend on it in the chance of getting it working . I've tested the motors and they work, it's a question of whether the other electrics work . We will see later .
I've used one of the motors out of one on a radio controlled car. You'd not believe the size.


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3 tyres showing , 4 rows on the front and 5 on the rear . I may be some time ! :wacko:
With 18 tyres on the car did that not make it difficult to turn?
Warm, sunny and VERY breezy here chez Casa Reynard.

I had to cycle to the village to post a couple of letters for mum, as the postbox just over the other side of the railway crossing still hasn't been replaced. Now I know how much that bout of sinusitis has taken out of me - just over four miles cycled, half of that into a hellacious headwind, and I'm bloomin' cream crackered.

Have also got some apples cooking away with large chunk of fresh ginger, cloves, star anise, cardamom pods and cassia to make another batch of spiced apple jelly. It's lovely on hot buttered toast. :hungry:

Will shortly be knocking off for lunch.
Please don't be too harsh on him, he could be starting to experiencing dementia, or even something like a water infection affects the mind, especially older Gentlemen. Does he have any relatives who come to visit, might just be worth mentioning to them,
His niece and nephew come every Tuesday to do his groceries, so they were there yesterday. Apparently they were trying to get his mower started - from what I could gather.

My dad had dementia, so been there, done that, got the whole wardrobe of t-shirts.

Cyril did come back to apologise - very contritely - later in the afternoon, but I have to admit that I'm still very shaken. And wary.
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