My picture of the day-Where's yours?


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Coín, Málaga
Sooo many pictures after a loong week on the bike.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 7.56.10 PM.png
That one tells the story.. more or less.

One of my best shots this week.


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From today's training ride. A small village not far from Alcantarilha, Algarve


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Northern Spain very lovely so far.
The hills are steepish.. But there's always rolling down the other side.

Gijon, last night, pushed on further west now :bicycle:

And the people are so friendly, and generous..
One bartender today wouldn't let me pay for my coffee and snacks.

Most drivers are incredibly considerate and give cyclists a great deal of space.. No hassling or dodgy overtaking :okay:

Made a German friend too, who I rode with for a couple of days.
Good to have moral support to keep going fully laden up the hills :okay:
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