My picture of the day-Where's yours?


Royd Moor Reservoir? (& Scout Dike, in distance), from Spicer House Lane?
(the south-eastern continuation of Deane Dyke Lane)
Close ... Your right with scout dike the other is Ingbirchworth I'd past Royd Moor on way down and yes Spicer House Lane.
Devon & Die
That must have been an interesting ride out to the boat...



Obviously an Aubergine

Northern Spain very lovely so far.
The hills are steepish.. But there's always rolling down the other side.

Gijon, last night, pushed on further west now :bicycle:

And the people are so friendly, and generous..
One bartender today wouldn't let me pay for my coffee and snacks.

Most drivers are incredibly considerate and give cyclists a great deal of space.. No hassling or dodgy overtaking :okay:

Made a German friend too, who I rode with for a couple of days.
Good to have moral support to keep going fully laden up the hills :okay:
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