My picture of the day-Where's yours?


Found a truly old Giant Mountain bike today. Thought you might find the graphics entertaining.
It's a Chinook, and I can find little historical information on that model. But it's a 23" frame, so I'll be switching everything off my 21" rigid MTB for this one. I don't race or anything, I just use a mountain bike for off-roading in the woods to take a few pictures now and again. So a pound or two of weight is not a concern. Paint has held up well in the intervening years.


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Managed to get up early, and the tent down dry



Plenty rain later though.. The midges felt at home @PeteXXX


Lots of ups and downs on coast road as it dips down to cross the inlets.


Still, all those hills, justify four types of cake apparently..

Mine host (I decided to book a room) presented me with this :rolleyes: and lots of hot tea.
Despite looking like I'd arrived by river rather than road, and dripping all over the fine furnishings.

Might just stay here forever :bicycle:


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@mudsticks So you didn't jettison our midgies into the Bay of Biscay!? 😅

Happy touring...
Thanks :rolleyes:

I'll chuck em out on the way home perhaps.
But I'm getting rather attached to them.

They're very good listeners, and quite adept at navigation :okay:
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