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The main focus of my day yesterday, Added different shifters, wheels, and brakes. A very old cruiser, given a new lease on life. I needed a bigger MTB frame, and this, whilst heavy, is also stable and comfortable.

Panasonic MC2500 (MC stands for Mountain Cat) in a 24" + frame. A 1988 model, I gave the bike co-op that Giant so I would have room for the Panasonic. It's very light for an MTB. It has a long wheelbase, both with that fork trail, the geometry, and the length of the frame itself. But a very good and stable climber of all sorts of terrain. I haven't gone off road with it, but i tested it in an American alleyway, which amounts to the same thing. Alleys are often unpaved, or gravel, and very uneven, with sharp angles and "features" reminiscent of a mountain bike park.

Shearwater Missile

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Heart of Suffolk

This was taken yesterday morning. Interesting cloud formations over the sea. We could see the cloud way before we arrived, about an hour away from home. The pier was quite quiet then but by lunchtime you could hardly move for people.
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