My picture of the day-Where's yours?


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Never seen the woods so full o' fungi as this autumn...
I always think this picture is nice. Although they can't identify the Sussex families involved in the heraldry, I can identify the foreground one. Done by the Boy Scouts in the 1930's
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Panasonic MC2500 (MC stands for Mountain Cat) in a 24" + frame. A 1988 model, I gave the bike co-op that Giant so I would have room for the Panasonic. It's very light for an MTB. It has a long wheelbase, both with that fork trail, the geometry, and the length of the frame itself. But a very good and stable climber of all sorts of terrain. I haven't gone off road with it, but i tested it in an American alleyway, which amounts to the same thing. Alleys are often unpaved, or gravel, and very uneven, with sharp angles and "features" reminiscent of a mountain bike park.
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