My saintly wife....

my job for this evening was to fit Conti gatorskin hard shells to my Cube as the ultremo zx's weren't standing up to winter.
So when I got home I cracked on, but not in the garage as its too bloody cold.
She was making spag Bol.
After doing the front tyre I was told that food was ready, but I said that the bike was in the dining room and it wasn't good etc.....
"Don't worry Bout it" she says!


And there it remained patiently!

Smokin Joe

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When a woman says "Don't worry about it", I'd be afraid, very afraid.
Mine sits in the living room under the stairs. I have even managed to get the turbo trainer in as a stand for it!
I have to go to the kitchen to do repairs and servicing though. Unless she is out, then its the living room! I justify it to her by saying the garage isnt secure enough!



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All very good but the above pictures don't include dinner waiting on the table for them !
Dave 123

Dave 123

first job is to re-wrap those bars in black bar tape! filthy and disgusting, you should feel ashamed :sad: :tongue: naughty step for you :smile:
Cheers Ed

Ed, you're right too! It's always had white bar tape and I intended changing it to blue, but now I've taken off the blue utremos and got the black gators on there, and changing the White saddle for a black one, black bar tape may well be coming...!
I'll keep you posted.
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