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We have new toys :bicycle:.

We have been looking for Mountain bikes for a while as we would like to get off road from time to time and I don't want to ride my beloved Defy in the horrible wet and muddy weather. We live out in the sticks and the roads get pretty yukky in the winter.

We found, on Gumtree, a Specialized Hardrock 19" frame in great nick for £150 the other day. It is just fantastic and It fits me perfectly. It was bought for hubby but he is 5'10" so its a much better bet for me ^_^

I took it out for a quick 14 miler today. What fun hills suddenly are. Much slower but easier to get up. I nearly fell off laughing when I ran out of gears riding down a 3.5% hill and the noise!! I had forgotten how noisy MTBs are in comparison with 23mm slick tyred wheels.

I did post about looking at a Giant Yukon (2010) the other day from one of our LBSs. We popped to an even nearer LBS today and found a Giant Revel 3 with disc brakes for the same price and the bike shop have thrown in the SPDs to save us buying and fitting them. We could have had the bike today but we are waiting for a cheque to clear so we will pick it up on Monday at the very latest.

First plan is to go and ride all of the Marriotts Way, which we have been meaning to do for a year now.
We are just so chuffed.
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