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In the fairly near future, I'll have to decide which bike to keep of the 3.5 I have.
These are:-
1) Trek 800 Sport. Owned from new, hs done the longest ride I've ever done, London to Brighton.
Modified with an 8-speed freehub rear wheel and the appropriate Altus transmission.
2) Claud Butler Urraco mtb, 90s, completely stock except for replacing the rear tyre nd the rusty bars. Bought for £7.
3) Scott Expert/209 road bike, a freebie, flat-barred, hugely modified gearing, and compared to the previous two, a featherweight.

I'm minded, after much recent dithering, to keep the Scott, and to keep modifying it. The plan so far is to:
a) change chainset to a 50-39-39 Sora or similar square taper item. This us as small as I can go without surgery to the frame.
b) move to a 9-speed Alivio setup at the back. Not because 9 is better than 8, but because I can then fit a 12-36t cassette, which gets the gearing down to the same as the Trek, but 10lb lighter.

I might also go for a set of light hybrid style city bars. These might in future be flipped to semi-drops, whilst still retaining the use of EZ-Fire shifter/brakes.

Given that N-2 is going to be a reality, and also that this modification is all very subjective, does it sound like a plan?

The bass gear is also going down this road, with the backup bass and case going, and the 500W RMS stage rig being significantly downsized now the rock band is no more, so it's a time of major change.

The joys of being an OAP...


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
N-2, what sort of calculation is that :whistle:


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
@fossyant "Psst, what's the 0.5"
A 2011 Norco Indie 3 rolling frame. Free to anyone who wants it, otherwise back to the tip!

I was thinking unicycle or tag-a-long.
As others have said, this doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I seem to have collected a couple of bikes as well, although they have very specific jobs to do. (Load carrier, commuter, et c) I'm in danger of extending the stable just because I like refurbishing bikes...

I can barely manage on two wheels, and my youngest is 36...

Let him tow you then.


I only have one bike by choice. It's fine. If I did more utility cycling I would however also like cheap bike I wasn't too worried about getting nicked. Can't imagine I would ever need more than 2. Other than that sorry can't offer much advice other than obviously the one bike needs to be able to cover the range of cycling that you want to do. Although I reckon I could find a way to store two bikes in a 1 bed flat.
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