Need recovery ideas for a 1000 km ride


I am a man who is in the age where the vets would recommend it's owner that I should be put down before I start to reek. Or to put it this way; I am in the age of heart attacks and joint operations. 20 stones, including 5 stones overweight does not help either.

So I wonder if this 1000 km/665 miles tour on 8 days through the Western Isles, Western Ross (that's Gairloch and Applecross in cycle-speak) and GlenCoe is such a good idea.
The money for this tour was donated by three deceased relatives and I owe them a debt of gratitude. It is a memory ride and a website will be put up..... if I survive.

I am therefore thoroughly snookered.

Yesterday's 90 miles excursion through Glen Ogle from and to Dumbarton was pretty hard on my lungs, heart and limbs.
I am off on that tour in 8 weeks time.

So a re-think is in order here.

So without going into this mumbo-jumbo stuff where there is no shops in that area who sells; of the normal stuff (food, preferable) I can buy from shops (Tesco, Asda, Coop), with some additions from chemists and specialist sports shops in Glasgow; what should I purchase ?
I prefer to use money on upgrading the bike instead of expensive gels and creams so I on a budget here.

I need help against cramps and fatigue.

Help !!!


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Since presumably you'll be cycling at a comfortable pace and not racing then you don't need anything special. Have a glass of milk or a milkshake as soon as you stop at the end of the day. Then have a good meal.

Make sure you drink plenty of water while you're cycling, with either an electrolyte tab or (some expensive) energy drink. IMO you'll be fine with water + electrolyte + normal food so save yourself some money and don't bother with the energy powders. Munch on muesli bars and bananas while you're riding (little and often) and have a sandwich or similar for lunch and you should be fine.
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