Never mind the rain, what about the Spam shortage?

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My last two visits to my local Sainsburys have been met with disappointment in the Spam department! No full size tins in stock and the shelves faced up with a meagre display of small tins in the Lite and Bacon variety :eek:

On returning home I broke the terrible news to the kids and joked that just when we thought things couldn't get any worse we now had a national Spam shortage. At this point Mrs Skol chipped in with the news that our friend Jo had found Morrisons was also Spamless and had resorted to buying their own brand version, which a blind taste test against a genuine tin they still had at home had proved to be a poor substitute.....

So, what's going on? What's the situation in your area/supermarket? Is this related to the covid situation or is it deeper than that and are we being punished by those pesky Eurocrats for our Brexit from the EU? When will Spam supply return to normal? Won't somebody please think about the children? :mrpig:


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Been missing from the supermarket shelves for a while. In any form.

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Spam especially cold Spam :thumbsdown:

So salty. Well it was the last time i had some,but i know they brought a low salt one out. I used to eat it years ago,but i grilled it to get most of the fat out. It wasn't bad. When grilled it's similar to bacon.


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Slowmotion's to blame for the pilchard shortage, Fan Foodie's to blame for the Spam shortage.

Anyone else responsible for anything going short?


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I will put my hand up for the shortage on boxes of Mcvitie's family circle biscuit selection as we had numerous boxes given to us for Christmas :laugh:
We are now slowly making our way through them as you do 🍵.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
It's made in Denmark. You might have noticed a little local political upheaval that's made trade with an EU member state more difficult...
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