New bike day.

I’ve just received an email to tell me my new bike is on it’s way.

It’s a bit of a departure from the norm for me, as I used to have a rule about not spending more on my bike, than my shoes cost ( normally ). I’m looking forward to getting out on it this weekend as the weather looks great, and I need to get May’s imperial ton ride done.
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You must have very expensive shoes?
Looks great.


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Jesus, could have bought 15 B’Twins for that! 🤣
Great looking bike....enjoy!
You can't go putting Shimano on an Italian bike, so it has to be Super Record.
My thoughts precisely. In fact that was a deal breaker on an XR3 I had my eyes on a while back. I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to supply it with a Campag groupy, and I was having a hell of a job getting the frame and Campag groupy separately to build it myself.


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Whoa baby that looks great!

Hey is the Bianchi with the uhm something-special-between-the-carbon-fibres which gives it a really smooth ride or have I got my Bianchis mixed up?
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