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Unless someone has an acute awareness of how they present themselves, we all wander through life oblivious to the impact we have on others.

The only time I am conscious of people being upset with things I say is when they react in a way to something I've written which doesn't match what I thought I'd said!


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You may have!
Ah! That may’ve been when Shaun gave me my new log in details. Also, 1226 in the UK is 1926 HK time. I didn’t go on the new site until today as I had to ask where to go.
Assuming you mean News and Current Affairs on here, you have never had to subscribe to.
I think the point is that one is very unlikely to see Shaun's announcement (unless subscribed to that forum) - I know *I* didn't see it. Whereas this thread has lots of posts, so it keeps popping up in the "New Posts" view (and possibly in "Trending"?)

Doesn't really matter now - word will surely spread of this new wonder!
or maybe you should accept, that just because you think something is funny, it doesnt mean someone else cant find it offensive.......
And there hangs one of the biggest problems with some of the regulars on NACA. They think their position is virtuous, so hold no truck with anyone that has a different life experience or informed opinion, and dares to question their self anointed sainthood.


Wow ...

To answer a few queries:
  • A link to the site is included in the PM with your login details - click the bold CC News and Current Affairs ^_^
  • Here's the post about requesting a login
  • The site is up and running and once you receive your login details you can use them straight away
  • The current forum, here, will be wound down over the next week or two; locked; left for reference for a short while; then removed from view
  • CC NACA being visible is intentional, just as it was here
  • Logins are being manually processed by me so there will be a bit of delay between request and delivery
  • I haven't decided yet on how I'm going to link the two sites. I thought I'd give it a few days to see how things develop, but a simple link at the top of boths sites would probably suffice
  • I chose a post in NACA, over a global announcement, to initially focus on regular visitors to that part of CC. There appears to be some interest so I've re-posted it in Site News
Not open for further replies.
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