New word needed to differentiate cyclists


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Car crazies
Car clowns
Dickhead drivers
Dangerous drivers

How should we classify our more sedentary folk?
I think you will find the sedentary folk clasify each other on various criteria mostly what vehicle they drive


I think there are two main groups.

Cyclists , wearing what they want making their way from A to B, C, D etc in a fairly sensible manner.

Then there's **##@ with bikes.
Going along the pavement with their carrier bags swinging from the handlebars. No lights, no road sense.


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Those with black, grey/silver or white bike frames and those with coloured frames.

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50%+, according the atomic theory.
One of the subplots in The Third Policeman, by Flan O'Brien, is that the bicycle rider assumes more atoms of the bicycle, and vice versa, the more riding is accomplished. A symptom of this is leaning against a wall, or standing with one foot on the curbstone.

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Most cycle commuters I've seen in Belgium and Holland are of the pootle variety on upright bikes and are in normal clothes riding quite short distances into work as cities are smaller.

A significant proportion of London cycle commuters are lycra clad speedsters riding longer distances on their commute, hence discussions here about showering facilities etc at work. Many (see discussions on here) seem to use commuting as training.
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