Non-cycle specific base layers...

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Does anyone know if base layers for football/rugby etc are basically the same as those for cycling?
I saw loads of adidas football base layers on offer in SportsWorld in Fosse Park at the w/e for £6.99 or something like that.
Cycling specific garments are tailored to suit a cycling position, thats not to say that a football top wont function adequately.

Any performance base fabric is designed to wick moisture from its inside surface and deliver it the inside surface of the next garment or to the environment.

Chris James

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I use a helly hansen on the bike under my winter jacket as necessary. I also have various mountaineering type base layers (eg Lowe Alpine Dryflo, Lifa, Berghaus X-static, CoolMax etc) they are all either polyester or polypropylene and the major differences between them is often weight (and warmth), how much they wiff after a day's wear, and if they have a zip on the neck. oh, and how soft they feel. Cheaper stuff might wick slightly less well, be less well designed, and smell a bit more! Whether that is important is debatable and you can judge most of them (except the stink!) when you try one on.


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Colne, Lancs
Triathlon 220 magazine had a review of a canterbury base layer (one of the skin tight ones that rugby players wear), and said that it was fine for cycling, not tight enough that you can't breath. A cycling cut is longer at the back than at the front, and cut a bit looser round the shoulders and tighter round the waist. But, if, like me you wear bib shorts then non-cycling ones are fine (i wear it under the straps of the bib and tucked in). Normally wear Berghaus t-shirt ones, as they are cheap.

Steve Austin

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Cycling specific clothing is more expensive than running/climbing/walking stuff so i go for the cheap option. Its all the same stuff, and works and fits exactly the same.

I recently bought 3 Nike dri-fit longsleeve baselayers for a tenner which is a bit of bargain imo


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Twenty Inch said:
Tchibo regularly do very good, very cheap base layers, if you have one near you.

Does anybody not have Tchibo very near them?

I've a fair amount of Tchibo stuff, and I find it reasonably priced and pretty good quality. It complements Aldi stuff if you want a bit better quality for some things without paying ludicrous LBS prices.


Unkraut said:
Does anybody not have Tchibo very near them?[
tbh, never even heard of them until now. Must pop by time I'm in Rugby.
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