Oh this was so funny...

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I regularly cycle around the Broads and have never fallen off with clipless. Today however I was pulling in by a staithe where I normally stop for a drink and as its the summer the place was heaving with boats.
As it was so nice I decided to pull up next to the bench by the river which meant consciously pulling my left foot out first. Distracted for a second by what I thought was a bikini clad beauty I actually removed my right foot as habit dictates.
Oh the hilarity as I went sideways quite spectacularly into the river, bike following close behind, how much more amusing it was for everyone when I had to climb out and borrow a line to pull the bike out of the water.....it needed a clean and I was very hot but this was pushing it. ...and the bikini beauty ? Nope, old enough to be my grandmother, and I'm 44.
Anyone top that ?
Sorry, but no way can I beat that! :rolleyes:


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You only way to beat that would be if you had to borrow some scuba gear to retrieve your bike :rolleyes:


I'm not surprised your feet got in a tangle' - its a good job she never knew it was her that floored(watered) you..

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wherryman, that has to be one of the best things I've read for a while, did you 'take a bow' and get a round of applause when you got out of the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had some embarrasing moments on a bike, but nothing compares to that, superb:biggrin:


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That is, if you'll allow me to say so, fantastic. Well done, and take a bow.;)

I once did something almost similar, and not even with clipless pedals - pulled up by the side of the road and put my foot down to what I thought was a raised verge - but it turned out to be long grass and the verge was actually lower so I toppled over - and as the verge wasn't very wide, rolled straight down into the ditch under the hedge. Still had the bike between my legs, so I ended up head down in the ditch, legs and bike sticking out from the hedge, completely wedged upsidedown. Thankfully, there was someone coming up behind me and they hauled me out... Once I was out, I just couldn't stop laughing...

But I didn't have the comedy genius to do it into a river...:biggrin: Nettles yes, river no...


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aha sharky - I dont wear a helmet ! No red lights around here to jump so I cant comment on that one !

Arch - that comes very close, you're only missing the soaking and the appreciative audience
I think you should do it again with camera crew. Not just for us; every 'you've been framed' on the globe would pay you for it.

Anyone know of cycling specific snorkelling equipment? You never know when it might happen to you.
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